Options For Penis Enhancement At Home

Over the last couple of decades, physicians have developed several ingenious methods of increasing the size and girth of the penis through the miracle of modern surgery.

Unfortunately, while the surgical procedures have been known to produce amazing results, they’re also noted as having relatively high failure and complication rates.

It isn’t any wonder then that so many men who’ve researched the possibility of penis enhancement by surgery ultimately turn instead to other methods, as even many medical professionals believe that an operation should only be performed as a last resort, and in only a handful of extreme cases.

penis-enlargementThe good news is that there is a nearly endless list of penis enlargement products available for sale from various companies online.

One can rarely visit a men’s health website without being bombarded by ads from such companies.

Part of the problem, however, is that most men simply don’t know where to begin, as there seem to be numerous types of products to choose from.

Which one is right for them?

Even worse, some of these products inevitably turn out to be scams, which men read about and then form negative opinions of the entire male enhancement industry.

Well, the facts are that male enhancement is a proven reality. Many of the quality products available for purchase have been verified as effective through clinical studies. Best of all, these products can be ordered online and used in the comfort of one’s own private home, ensuring full confidentiality. Here is a list of the most common types of penis enhancement products used at home:

clinical-studyTraction Devices For Penis Enlargement

Traction devices can be used to stretch a penis for several hours each day. One study conducted by an Italian university showed that such devices can ultimately increase the length of a man’s penis when used as instructed over the course of several months. These penis stretchers are relatively expensive when compared to other male enhancement products, but are generally thought to be the best alternative to surgery. Higher quality models sell for anywhere from $250 and up.

Vacuum Pumps To Enlarge the Penis

penis-pumpWith vacuum pumps, the penis is inserted into a hollow, cylindrically-shaped tube and then pumped using a bulb, which is thought to increase the blood flow to the member, helping for men to obtain stronger erections.

Stronger erections often give the perception of the penis being larger, as increased blood flow causes the member to look longer and wider.

Studies supporting the efficacy of pumps are sparse when compared to other enlargement products, but millions of men have claimed that such devices work best for them.

Naturally Derived Creams For A Bigger Penis

A number of creams have made their way on the market in the last couple of years, which the manufacturers claim can help men to obtain stronger erections and the perception of having a larger penis. These creams usually work by dilating the vessels of the penis, helping for more blood to engorge the tissues. This allows for men to more easily obtain stronger, lasting erections and makes sex more enjoyable. The way in which these creams work is based on medical science, but the overall results can vary greatly depending on the individual. Still, given how relatively inexpensive that some of these creams are, they may well be worth a try before moving on to more costly options.

Penis Pills Are A Clinically Proven Solution

pillsPenis pills are naturally-derived herbal supplements that contain various compounds, some of which have been used for centuries to treat male sexual dysfunction. As with the creams, pumps, and other products, these pills are designed to increase the amount of blood which flows to the penis, helping men to achieve stronger erections. There are many benefits to trying pills over the other alternatives including:

  • Cost. Pills are very affordable and can be purchased in one month or three month supplies
  • Effective. Quality penis pills are backed by clinical studies showing that they work as advertised.
  • Easy to use. No smelly creams to rub on the body or devices to use. Simply take the supplements on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer in order to get the desired results.

As always, men must make a serious effort to research the products they’re considering purchasing beforehand in order to avoid disappointment. While scammers are out there preying on unsuspecting consumers, ethical companies do exist that create medically safe and effective enhancement products.