The Best 3 Penis Stretchers Reviewed

If you’re thinking about purchasing a penis stretcher, then you’re going to need to read this article. Period. BOOM – there it is.

You’re going to discover which penis stretchers are the best on the market right now, how they work, and if they will really make your penis bigger. In other words, you’ll find out if they are even something you’re going to want to purchase.

x4-labs-extenderWhich Sretcher is the Best To Use?

There are a lot of options today when it comes to stretching the penis through traction. That can make it difficult to choose the perfect device for you, so the first thing you’ve got to do is figure out why you want to use a stretch in the first place.

To help you out, we’ve put together a good comparison table below.

Should You Use a Penis Stretcher?

Let me ask you this: do you want an awesome penis? Well… do you?

There’s a lot of research studies and testimonials that indicate stretching devices work quite effectively and will deliver the result you want. You can use noose straps or comfort strap because both work, although there’s a reason why they’re called “comfort” straps! You just wear them all evening long when you get home from work and then take them off at night before bed… or sex.

Don’t try this and sex at the same time.

The Benefits of Using a Penis Stretcher

It’s kind of tough to see the stretcher working. The skin divides itself, so you’ll notice some lengthing within the actual skin folds of the penis. Tension stretches the skin to the point where the cells will naturally divide, creating changes in your girth and length.

better-sexMany guys see big results in their flaccid length too!

You can also straighten out a curvature of the penis to help it become straighter. Do you really want to have a curve in place when you’re trying to penetrate deeply?

The emphasis on penis stretching is on increasing length, for obvious reasons, but this device isn’t just about size. It’s also about your health.

A larger penis isn’t the only expectation guys should have when using an extender. You’ll also see an increase in blood flow coming to the penis. That means erections will be stronger, stamina will be longer, and orgasms that will literally blow your mind.

Penis extenders do more than help your penis look awesome. X4 Labs has extenders that are both CE and FDA certified, which means you’d be purchase a Class 1 medical device. The extender made by X4 Labs can even help treat Peyronie’s Disease and other erectile dysfunction issues.

How Does a Penis Stretcher Work?

bigger-penisIt’s really easy to work with a stretcher.

The stretcher attaches to your penis and provides it with a constant, steady traction along the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the chamber of the penis that contains blood during an erection.

This traction can then cause the cells of the Corpora Cavernosa to actually begin to stretch out and eventually split, creating two cells instead of one!

This allows the chamber to become bigger, which means you can have harder, bigger erections every time you get aroused.

When you follow the directions that are included with the device, you’ll notice that you can really begin to feel the stretch working. It’s really that simple! Health sciences has known for a long time that the human body can adapt to changing environments in amazing ways. Doctors have used traction in the past to stretch out plenty of body parts. Now it’s time to stretch out your penis!

Traction helps create a better blood flow to your penis. That means you’ll have an awesome erection! The only way to get there, however, is to use a penis stretcher.

Are There Different Types of Extenders?

There are two basic types of extenders that you can find on the market today.

1. Noose extenders
2. Strap extenders

best-penis-stretcherComfort strap devices generally the easier ones to use because they’re SO much more comfortable, but they are also often more expensive than their counterparts.

Conventional noose fixation can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, but that’s not the issue with that design. You see, the primary danger is that you can slip out of the traction device and lose all of your progress made for the day.

The other issue with the noose design is that it can actually strangle blood away from your penis.

That can impact your overall results and even cause an injury if you don’t catch it in time! With the comfort strap, this issue just doesn’t exist.

Is a Penis Stretcher the Right Choice To Make?

It’s the right choice to make if you want an awesome penis. There. It’s been said. If you want a straigher penis, a bigger penis, or a wider penis, a stretcher is the way to go. If you are tired of using penis pills because they aren’t delivering the results you want, then invest in a stretcher and stop buying pills. A 58 way comfort support system is the best way to go, but even if you can only afford the noose design, you’re getting a better product than the pills you’ve been taking.

Stretchers deliver quick, safe results that you can visibly track over time.

The best part about a quality stretcher is that your penis will not be forced into having too much traction placed onto it that could encourage the growth of scar tissue instead of healthy cellular division. This problem usually just occurs in the cheapest designs on the market today, which is why the investment into the 58 way comfort support is often a wise one to make.

Treatment of a Penis Curvature That Really Works

If you’re trying to avoid surgery, using a penis extender is the cheapest and safest way to go. There are four primary advantages in this treatment method when used:

  • It works! When used correctly, most guys will be able to see visible results in just a few weeks in most instances. Some guys see results in a few days!
  • It is safe. There is a much lower risk of penile tissue damage, side effects, or after-care complications in this treatment method when compared to other forms of curvature correction.
  • It is cheaper. Most surgeries to correct a curvature are not covered by health insurance or national health plans. This method doesn’t require any expensive recovery medication or injections either, which means you can put your hard-earned money somewhere else.
  • It can be used almost anywhere. Many guys use the device when they are at home safely.

small-penisPenis Extenders For a Small Size

Let’s get serious for a minute. Some guys… they’ve got a serious problem. Their penis is smaller than most.

It’s small enough, in fact, that it is difficult to put the penis into a traction device to help it grow.

In cases like this, it is important to find a quality stretcher that has been equipped with special attachments that have been designed for men that have a penis which is less than 3 inches when erect. This condition, which is called micro-penis, can be helped by the specially designed X4 Labs Mini Support.

Take a look at it. You won’t regret it. We won’t talk about this any more either.

Are There Other Options For Penis Enlargement?

Not liking the thought of having some equipment on your equipment all day? There are 3 primary treatment methods that are used for penis enlargement if you’re looking to avoid using an extender:

  • Medication. According to WebMD, about 10 million men, or 33% of guys, will take meds to increase the size of their penis and find that their body just won’t respond to the treatment method.
  • Surgery. A surgical procedure on the penis involves a risky and quite expense procedure that requires months of aftercare and physical therapy in order to maintain the results. Even after all of this effort, there is no guarantee that the results will last and there can be devastating side effects.
  • Pumps. This method involves pumping up your penis right before sex, kind of like those sneakers that the kids thought were cool in the early 90′s. The pumping action draws more blood toward the head of the penis, creating a temporarily larger penis

Those methods can help to create a larger penis in time, but all three of those methods require an extensive time and cash commitment. That means penis stretchers may just be your best bet for help with your penis enlargement goals. Pills, surgery, and pumps just don’t make the grade when it comes to delivering a permanent result that is easy to use.

How Do You Choose an Extender?

You should choose an extender based on what you need, what extenders are good, and what devices will comfortably fit you. Here are the Top 3 stretching devices that are on the market right now.

x4-labsX4 Labs: The #1 Rated Device

This device is very comfortable. It works quite well and can be used in the privacy of your own home without any issue.

When it comes to penile health, you’ll max out on your size, girth, and stamina.

#2 SizeGenetics Ultimate

You get some exercises with this device that might speed up your overall growth and they may also help you improve your overall health.

This allows guys to potentially experience erections that are harder and longer and many guys report an increase in their stamina. The reality of the situation, however, is that most guys won’t do these exercises for the hours every week that are required.

Take out the exercises and you have pretty much the same product from X4 Labs, but for a more expensive price. The reputation is good, but you’ll be paying for that reputation.

male-edge#3 Male Edge

With fewer options, this extender is actually a lower quality version of a Jes extender, which is widely regarded as the best you can get after the one from X4 Labs.

You get a good, comfortable, and effective device that can correct penis curvature and enlarge your penis.

The key to a good extender is to find one that contains tension springs that are calibrated. This tool works with your device to make sure the tension doesn’t get into dangerous levels that might injure your penis. You’ll get faster results with more pressure, of course, but you are also assuming a lot of risk by using more pressure than you should.

x4-labs-penis-extender-videoHow to Use

All you’ve got to do is add your tension bars to the device after you receive it and you’re ready to put it on. From there, you simply slip on the harness and strap, securing it to your body.

Once attached, you wear it as long as you feel comfortable wearing it.

For a full overview of the process, X4 Labs has created a handy video that will show you step by step what needs to be done. You can take a look at this guide through this link:

What to Expect After Using a Penis Extender

Most guys first notice that their penis actually feels heavier than normal as it begins to grow. This is because of the added cells that are within the skin folds, slowing working and expanding to make your penis look and feel awesome! It’s also going to get longer, especially in the flaccid state, and many guys notice an increase in girth as well.

This process takes at least 4 weeks in most guys to really begin seeing a noticeable result. It can take up to 3 months for the exciting levels of growth that will have you cutting some swagger like Jagger.

stronger-orgasmsIn Conclusion

Here’s the original question: do you want your penis to look awesome?

The answer depends on you.

If you’ve made it this far, then there’s a good chance that you do want an awesome penis and you want it as soon as possible. If that’s true, then there’s not much harm in trying an extender – especially if you get one that has a money back guarantee.

This device might not be the best option in 100% of circumstances that guys face today, especially for guys that have just had surgery. If you have a medical condition that could be affected by stretching the tissues of the penis, then you’ll want to speak with your urologist before proceeding.

For guys that are tired of empty promises and lackluster results, a penis stretcher is definitely the way to go. Purchasing cheap penis pills online is always a gamble because you never really know what you’re going to get!

Most of the stretchers that you’ll find on the market today are highly affordable and there is medical evidence available that proves they work. It is true that some guys see very minimal results, but the average length seen in most studies is 2 inches of added length in the flaccid state and an inch while erect. That doesn’t seem like much until you actually see how awesome your penis looks with the extra size!


Some guys complain that stretching doesn’t correct a curvature either. The average reduction in curvature is about 20%, so it isn’t unreasonable to have a slight curve and not see much, if any difference. There’s one thing that’s definite: it’s better to have an awesome penis with less of a curve than the one that is staring at people today.

Penis stretching. It’s the way to an awesome penis. Try it today!